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My View

Wednesday, 16 March 2016


Last week, Rick and I continued the SAGA theme for our Thursday game. I got another chance to try out my Scots and Rick tried the Anglo Saxons. We played the 'Escort' scenario. My Scots had three baggage elements and had to escort at least two of them off the other side of the table. The Anglo Saxons win by destroying them all. 
Early in the game, the Scots make progress across the table. 

Scot's eye view of the Anglo Saxons.

A wider view of the battlefield.
The Anglo Saxons counter attack. But one baggage element manages to escape down the right flank.

The Scot's Warlord and his bodyguard face a large unit of warriors.

The Scots come off second best at the farm, but the levies managed to reduce a unit of Hearthguard to half strength, through some good shooting.
My Scots were painted by South Of The Wall Miniatures.
The Anglo Saxon's relentless advance surrounds the remaining Scots. The Fyrd have just repulsed a unit of Scots Spearmen.
I managed to get one lot of baggage off the table. The other two were lost. Victory to Rick’s Anglo Saxons.  As the baggage needed the same dice as a hearthguard to activate, this meant having to prioritise which units move. I made a mistake in having two baggage units together, allowing Rick to concentrate on his victory conditions.

The next scenario will be ‘Battle at the Ford’.


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