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My View

Monday, 14 March 2016


Last month, Neil was back in the country and wanted to try out his newly acquired Early Crusader army in a SAGA game. I wanted to try out my Scots army. 
We tried out a couple of scenarios: Sacred Ground and Homeland. The Early Crusader army used the Norman card, as we don't have access to Crescent and Cross. This was the first time that we had used an army with mounted units, so it was going to be a learning curve.

Early moves in the 'Sacred Ground' scenario. Norman horse race Scots levy to the stone circle.

The Scots Warlord moves forward. His Hearth-guard obey and follow him.

The Scots levy retire in the face of the Norman mounted onslaught.

Scots spearmen hold the sacred hill. The Normans hold the sacred wood.
Close up view of the battle on the hill.

The Norman missile fire takes it toll of Scots spearmen on the hill prior to the cavalry charging. Top left, the Scots attack on the sacred wood goes in.

The Scots push the Normans out of the wood.

The game ended as a win to the Scots. They accumulated more points for holding objectives during the game.

The Normans head towards the Scots 'Homeland'
A unit of Scots spearmen await the Normans.

Norman bow and crossbow fire causes heavy casualties. The survivors seek cover.

The Normans ride in the front gate to finalise their victory.
Not having played the game for a while, it soon became apparent that there were things we had forgotten. Careful re-reading of the rules allowed me to find a few things that we hadn't realised before, An enjoyable days's gaming. More SAGA soon, methinks.


  1. I need to get a Saga warband sorted out, so that we can give it a play...

    1. It may work with a Lion Rampant force. Neil's force was early medieval but we counted it as Normans.