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My View

Saturday, 2 August 2014


This past Thursday our chosen game was a first try of Heroes of Normandie.
Rick had put together a series of scenarios, of which we managed to play two, to introduce us to the rules and gameplay.
The first scenario saw my Germans set up as an ambushing force that was itself surprised by a returning US patrol. The above is mid game when the US forces at the top have forced the Germans back from their original line.
Each side has a number of orders, based on unit and character selection, these determine the number of units that can fie or move. Both sides had 3 plus a bluff. Each side has a number of cards that can be played to effect the course of the game. Rick played a card that gave him an extra order.
Units not ordered are allowed to move during the supply phase. That is all they can do. This photo is from the end of the first game. Only three German units surviving (one concealed). US victory. 
The second game brought in vehicles and other upgrades, such as grenades, panzerfausts and panzerschreks. A US column is ambushed by the Germans.
After initial German success: destroying the vehicles thus showing the effectiveness of the fausts and schreks, the surviving US infantry counter-attacked , driving the Germans back.

The game plays well. The fact that you may have 10 units but only orders for 3 or 4 of them does focus the mind on having a plan and moving the important units. It also encourages use of supports. The cards add that bit of fog of war that can disrupt the opponent's well laid plans.

The game tends to the cartoony side, a bit like Nuts, and will not be everyone's cup of tea.

We already have two other scenarios planned.

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