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My View

Sunday, 17 August 2014


Neil was back from UAE for a couple of weeks. We were able to squeeze in a few games over a few  days.
 On the Saturday, as we only had a short time, I introduced Neil to the basics of Heroes of Normandie. We played the first scenario, which involved recovering documents from a dead spy. This ended as an entertaining draw, as neither side was able to get the documents off the table.
 On the Monday morning, we played the first scenario in the Commands & Colors Samurai Battles, which is a straight up battle. I won  a close fought battle.

In the Afternoon, after a bit of a false start due to a misreading of a crucial rule, we played Conflict of Heroes. The scenario was a recreation of the engagement between Polish Cavalry and German infantry which was halted, historically, by the apperance of German armoured cars. This engagement is the source of the myth of Polish cavalry charging tanks. The back and forth nature of activation in the game system kept it interesting. The Polish Cavalry wiped out the German forces: victory to Neil.
 On Wednesday, we had a larger game of Heroes of Normandie. This was a cut down version of one of the scenarios in the book. It was a race to have an infantry unit take the objective by being in one of the adjacent squares by the supply phase of turn 6.
Once again, a close run thing, but a draw. The US forces tried an all out attack, but lost their M5 at the last gasp.

An intense but enjoyable few days of gaming. Hopefully it won't be too long before we can do it again.