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My View

Sunday, 4 December 2016


I purchased a copy of Blood Eagle from Caliver Books at Carronade 2016. My Wednesday group had been discussing getting it as uses the familiar In Her Majesty's Name game mechanics. It is an option for gaming in early 2017.

Having watched David and his sons playing the game at a demo game run by one of the co authors of the game, Craig Cartmell, I decided that I would give the game a try with Rick on a Thursday back in May 2016. It continued our Dark Ages theme, as we had played a few games  of SAGA in previous weeks. 

I set out a village, with a great hall as a centre piece. and we played the 'vengeance' scenario. Rick played the part of a Viking Jarl and I used my Scots figures as Picts. Hopefully, this would be an easy introduction to the game.
The Vikings started with the Jarl, two Veteran Warriors and four Warriors. The Picts started with a Chieftain, two Champions and six Warriors. These were basic forces with no extra special abilities, or even names.

A front view of the great hall.

Early in the game. My Picts entered from the right.Apologies for the rather large markers. I couldn't find my IHMN markers.
Interior view of the great hall.

Pictish warriors and a champion prepare to take on Viking Warriors. A Viking veteran lurks on the flank.

Battle is joined. 
The Picts come off worst.

The Viking Jarl and a Veteran take on a champion and some warriors.
Overview of the battle. 
The Viking Jarl is killed in combat. He manages to kill the Pict champion before expiring.
The battle continues. The Picts are taking casualties on the right.
The remaining Picts are cut down.
Victory to the Vikings.
As it is a while since the game, the report is less detailed than usual. The system works well for small numbers and will lend itself well to a themed campaign. Hopefully I will get some games in 2017. To that end, I will be preparing a namedforce with a bit of background.

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