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My View

Monday, 12 September 2016


A couple of Thursdays back saw me introduce Rick to 'Tanks'. I used my collection of Axis & Allies Miniatures, since I have moved on my 15mm collection , and only have the starter models in 15mm, and my 10mm buildings and trees to give the terrain a more 3D look. 

To start, we did the ' Barkmann's Corner' scenario.

The game set up.
Early moves. Barkmann's panther scores a hit on one of the Shermans.
The Panther takes a critical hit, in return reducing it's attack dice to 2. 
The Panther is engaged by both Shermans. 
The Panther and Sherman both hit each other. The Sherman takes a hit and is destroyed.
The Panther destroys the second Sherman.
The game was very familiar, the mechanics being based on the likes of X-Wing and Star Trek: Attack Wing, and played well enough. At times it was too similar to those games as there was something 'not right' about tanks haring about like fighters, trying to get the best shot. This was probably due to their being no infantry or anti tank threat in the game. We decided to see how the game would play with a number of tanks on each side. I took the Germans, Rick the Russians. We played with no upgrades or crew.

The Germans and Russians move to contact.
View from the German lines.
Hits scored on the German forces.
Russian fire takes out the German PzIVs.
Although the Germans lost heavily, it was an entertaining game. The greater number of tanks meant we were a bit cagey with our movement and positioning. It is a useful game to throw on at short notice or as a filler. Interesting to see if the game gets any expansions other than tanks.

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